Busa girls


Do we have any woman Busa riders out there? Maybe it's only a Brit thing, cause they make a presence on some sites. Please post if your out there. like to hear from the girls! Ok, all you Brit guy's - get them on here...
I know a few, but not on this site. Let me tell you the ones that i know go about 98 & 100 lbs and can ride @ 200 =mph, now that is fast and hot whooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Hey guys!  Lo-Busa is short for Lori's Busa.  I am a female Hayabusa rider in NorCal.
I have a 99, gray/blk Busa with a Yoshi RS3 full exhaust.  Unbelievable power!  Don't know of any other female Busa riders..  Some of my girlfriends ride smaller bikes.
 Most of the Busa riders I know are guys  
 Please show me some Busa love
Lo-Busa did you grow up with all Brothers? Maybe a boy friend or husband thats heavy into bikes? I think is cool you got a Busa, Im just curious as to what got you intrested in a busa? got any pics you can post?

Lo-busa, You must have been in some other risky sport activity before the Busa because (the need for speed). My major background sport is alpine ski racing - fast, many turns and you can get hurt.
i do have twin older brothers who used to kick my ass all the time growing up. :whip: i was a tomboy playing sports all time. hoops and softball in college. i snowboard (double diamonds etc..) so maybe it is the need for speed? but don't get it twisted, i am not gay!! i love men!!! i just happen to like alot of the things that only you guys are into.

my first ride on a sport bike was a busa and i got hooked. it's kinda like letting someone drive a ferrari for their first car, and then telling them they can only have a honda. it will never be enough! i have pushed 140+ on the busa and it is a feeling i cannot describe unless you've been there yourself.

i hope that helps explain it! i am truly obsessed with the bike.
i will post pix of me and my baby. (soon as i figure out how
I don't believe being a tomboy has any thing to do with being gay. Some woman just like competitive/ fast sporting activities. Could be thrill seeking thing - both men and woman are included at any age. Oh, by the way I'm a chicken on the Busa. What cha think Lo-busa... You’re way cool.
I agree with hank.

I have a girl [space] friend that LOVES sports. She's married, but it is alot of fun to be able to go to a bar with a girl and yell and scream at a tv, drink a few beers. Different than hangin' out with the guys all the time and its great.

Good to have ya on board!
thanks for the love guys! i didn't mean to sound defensive about the gay thing. i do get asked sometimes because i ride such a big bike. maybe it's just an old stereotype that refuses to die. i also hang out with my male friends watching football on sundays, NCAA playoffs in March, and the NBA playoffs now! not too many wives/girlfriends are very happy about my relationship with their man. oh well, life goes on. with the BUSA
of course....
Lo Busa you just keep on rollin' Life is to short to live it by others peoples hang ups. Go fast, Live long and Ride a hayabusa!

not too many wives/girlfriends are very happy about my relationship with their man.  [/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Oh man do I relate to that. I can't say my wife is real fond of my other friend...

Just funny that you put it like that.
The problem is that wife's and girl friends know how much we love our bikes and rides. Lo-Busa, ride and ride and ride, and enjoy the company you're welcome to my town any day.
My first girlfriend hated my bike because it drew attention to me she hated going fast going around corners because the bike leaned or going on long rides Damn I will almost miss her
My new girlfriend has been 180 on back and doesnt mind out wheelieing all my other friends on there slower bikes although she wont drive her own she loves to ride with me and it makes it something we both can do. I have an 8 year old little girl she drove my GSXR1100 at 6 in a toy run (with me on back) When I bought the Busa she asked me for the 1100
I tild her she couldnt hold it up ......... She told me I could ride on back and hol dit up for her LOL
Little poop takes right after the old man future Busa rider Oh and Lo any time you come to Maine or Laconia for bike week look me up we can go for a ride my girlfriend will think its cool...
PS anyone else that wants to hook up for bike week let me know we stay in a campsite about 15-20 miles out 7 dollars a day has showers etc I used to go with alot of people but now thers only 4 of us race24x@aol.com

Maybe I will run into you during bike week. I have a friend that has a home on the lake.
WELCOME LO-BUSA !!! I don't know about you guys but i've seen a lot of women riding busas here. It seems to be a popular bike among some of the 'bigger ladies' but i've seen a couple of small chicks rolling them as well.