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I have been browsing cycletrader.com and I have come a cross few Busa's (2002 & 2003)  which are posted for sale . The prices are too good to be true !!!! , I am wondering if it is safe as I am overseas?

I recall seeing a program about cars  being sold on the net  and that many people paid dead cheap prices and they never got the goods!!!

Is there a way to make sure that the deal is legitimate and the goods will be delivered after payment is made ? Please note I am overseas (Kuwait) .

Your input in this matter is highly appreciated .

What kind of deals are we talking about here? Like $3000 for a 2003 kind of deal or more like $9500 for a 2003?

Generally, blatant scams will sell a bike for cheap and require only cashier's checks for payment. Other scams are the Nigerian, "we'll send you a million bucks in money order and you send us a percent immediately."

Another thing to note is that many sellers on Cycletrader will probably be reluctant to ship the bike. Usually, in my experience, they prefer to deal with people that can pick the bike up personally.

Best thing to do is call/email and ask around here if anything seems fishy.


I came across  2002 for $4,200 & 2003  for $5,000 !,  I bought mine (2002 ) for $12,000 from the agent  and I can sell it easily  for $ 9,000 in Kuwait  .

If I can guarantee the sale I will arrange and pay for the shipping to  Kuwait .  

I wish there is a middle man  service  that you go to so that the process of buying and payment is guaranteed  this way the transaction will be safe for both parties . Do you know of such service ?

Thank you for the feedback .
NO WAY BRO!!! Dont trust them. It sounds like a jip to me. I just came from the gulf and you can get some decent deals on bikes if you just look around. Definitly dont go that way. Email me if you have any questions.
:withstupid: That price is waaaayy too good to be true! Less than half price. Its either badly damaged, or is a scam.
ask them for a phone number and ill bet my ass its in spain shipping a bike in europe costs fro 3-5000 american, dont get sucked in. next they will tell you to western union the money to them and use your friends name so they can verify the transfer, and then they have their frend at the agent location pay them money gone your screwed, if its sounds too good to be true then it probally is, tell them you have some one that lives where the bike is and want to have them check it, i bet they tell you its already in a crate in a shipping warehouse. DONT SEND MONEY TO THEM. i only know this as i look for them on ebay and i constantly play games with them before i report them to safe harbor.
beware of a 2001 busa in cycletrader.com for 5200. it is a SCAM. The bike was supposedly shipped to me, yet at the same time, the owner was offering to sell it to another guy. (that other guy was me using a different email address) He will even provide a link to a 'shipping company that will confirm your bike was shipped. www.euroline-shipping.com Check it out for yourself.
With all the scamming going on maybe would should have a place to post what we see as a group! Something that was readily available and at the top, what do you think?
I would buy a bike that I could not see and ride prior to the purchase anyway...Keep saving your "Benjamins" while your oversea's and come back state side and buy what you want...
After doing more research into the ads for busa's at cycle trader, I have found at least four scams. Be sure to call the contact number first, if it is disconnected, then you can be sure it is a scam.
that ebay scam is something else man. Just tell them your a cop. The guy never wrote back. whats worst some off these guys have a 100% feedback and multi transactions.Plus they use the approved bidder system.
This is from a seller on cycle trader. He said NewYork in his ad. But no NY in this letter.


Sorry for taking so long getting back to you,but I'm was very busy past days in Europe right now ,do you still intrested to buy this bike...

Bike is in perfect shape. NO ACCIDENTS. NO DENTS. NO SCRATCHES.NO CRACKS. NO DEMAGE. Kept inside. I do not know any problems. All service -on time.Runs FANTASTIC .
The bike is crazy fast and handles like a dream. This a great beginners bike. VERY EASY to ride. I also have all the original equipment.Used only on limited weekend basis in the summer.

The bike been serviced about three weeks ago. Clear titles. The warranty was for 1 year, has left 10 months. The warranty will be transferable to your name and there will be no problem for you to use the warranty.

Shipping: Shipping will be done from Italy. As a shipping carrier I will use American Baggage Incorporated services because I have worked with them in the past and they were very fast and secure and the bike will be insured against damages, shipped in wooden crate and I will pay 100% for 5 days shipping so you can have it within 7 days after you make the payment.
Payment: Im a serious seller with more than 2 years of experience in this field. I'm a fair trader with a lot of successful deals. During this period l learned that the best deals are closed when the risk involved
is minimum.

Your price it's ok if you will pay the escrow fees .

So, the payment will be done to an escrow account.
This is a 3-th part service. They will protect your money and my bike.

You will have to make the payment to them. They will keep your money in their custody till you will receive and inspect the bike. I'm sure we can proceed this way. I will pay the escrow service fees.

You will have 5 days to inspect the bike that is like I described to you, after that you will contact the escrow company to send me the money.

The bike is ready for shipment I just need the confirmation from escrow that I can make the shipment and exact address where it will be delivered.

Let me know if we have a deal and if I can start
the transaction on escrow company.
Best regards,