Busa cranks real slow when bike temps gets high


I have a 2004 busa with 10,000 miles ,the bike starts fine when it i start it up when the temp is cool,but when i am sitting in traffic for a while and when i finally get parked and turn the bike off , when i try to start the bike back up the starter drags real bad.the battery is about a year old ,but is fully charged.the only time it drags about starting is when the bike temp goes up and stays up for a while.i always charge the battery up in the winter, i have never disconnected the battery when i charged it up,i was told that i may have damaged my rectifier /regulator by not taking the wires off the battery before i charged it. I would appreciate any advice.
have you had any work done to the engine. a higher comp engine will do that with a stock battery. your battery could need replacing too.

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Hot copper has higher resistance than cold copper so it takes more power to turn the started when everything is hot.