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If the money wasnt a problem what would you buy for bags for your Busa?I like the Corbins the best RKA not bad either. I want to know about removing them and what has to stay with the bike when you take them off??
Tell me what you think. Need to order soon to have in time for trip.
Do you order Corbins direct?

I sold my Triumph Sprint ST with factory hard bags a couple of months ago and when I bought my 'busa I was concerned about how to go with bags.

I bought a set of Tour Master soft bags, just got back from around 1,000 miles including visiting the World Superbike races at Laguna, and the bags were awesome.

Good fit and finish, easy to take on and off, stable at 100mph and not a single scuff in the paint at the end of the journey.
I just got the two saddle bags and they cost $185 with all of the protective padding. You can add a duffle bag that clips across the top of the saddle bags if you need more room.

After going from factory hard bags, I was concerned, but I am very happy with the Tour Master Bags.

Good Luck!

I just got a set of oxford sport saddle bags tail bag and tank bag. Have not had time to try them but will this weekend. The look like they wont scratch or scuff any paint. Had a friend with some one there black bird (Honda CBR1100XX) he has travels at 130mph and said the bags hold up fine at those speeds. They come with rain covers and the hole nine yards. Plus exoandable for even more room. Real nice bags for being cloth.Will let you know how they do this weekend.
I have the Corbin Beetle Bags and very happy with them. They look great. The fit and finish is awesome. They attach in three places, but I found it easier to just use 2. Once attached, the bags are like part of the bike. You forget they are there. A passenger can still sit comfortably, and they integrate with Corbin's rear seat and your grab rail, if used. When off the bike, the brackets are very small and unobtrussive compared to other products. I had my brackets chromed and they actually look good...a bonus. They come off in 2-3 minutes.

I just used them for my Laguna trip, and they worked great. I took them off when I reached the hotel and went back to the sleek style of the Busa.

However, they do have limitations.

1. They are small and will NOT hold a full face helmet. The curves for ergonomics, aerodynamics, and style, create lumps and humps that you have to get around to get larger objects in.

2. They attach with acorn nuts and thus are not quick release. However, with a ratchet, removal and attachment is relatively quick.

3. The acron nuts are accessed from inside, so if the bags are full, you can't remove them. Think about it. How do you get the bag of clothes into the hotel? Corbin did not intend for the bags to be removed frequently.

4. They do not have a carrying handle. Again, Corbin sort of planned the bags to be semi-permanent once installed.

So if you are out for looks, and are cool with rather small bags, the Corbin is a good choice. They are expensive ~$700 and delivery is something like 8 weeks.

Good luck.
I just installed the corbin beetle bags on my boozer.They make the bike look even better then before, but they don't hold very much.When I need more storage space I have resolved the problem by throwing my old soft side bags on top of the corbins(straps under the seat). This way I get a total of 90 liters storage. Add a tank bag and a back pack and your up to 200 liters. Thats enough for me. I ordered my bags directly from corbin and they took about 10 days to get to me.I installed them exactly as indicated with all three bolts on each bag.No problem.
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IF I could install bags, it would be the corbin hard bags, But im installing high mounts and im sure they wouldnt fit
I think because of what Thinker62 says about the corbins having no handles and that everybody says they are small. I will go with the rka's
The Corbins do look SWEET they just dont sound functional.
The infinite wisdom on this site is great thats for your help guys