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I am new to this forum and have a simple question. I am looking to buy a Busa to add to my 2003 gsxr1000 and 1998 yamaha yzf600r but I dont get the prices people are asking. I went to NADA and low retail is consistantly $1-$2k less than people on this forum ask for their bikes. For example a dealer in Key Largo wants $9999 for a brand new 05 and people here are asking $9k for a bike with several thousand miles. 2000's are going for $7500-8000 and sometimes more. With the need to replace tires at 3k miles and a service which costs approx $500 why not just buy new? NADA on a 2000 Busa is $4700-$6200. Can someone explain this to me? Is there really such a market for these bikes that someone will buy a 5 year old bike for $2500-$3000 less than new? I am not flaming just curious. I really love the busa and this forum.


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they have a high resale value , i belive the demand for the busa outways the supply that and the aftermarket parts for the bike i had 4000 dollars spent on my bike before i took delivery , so if i sold it tommorow i would want more than NADA value and if i couldnt get what i wanted i would sell the aftermarket parts seperatly , if you are lookin at the busa seriously you already have a list of mods started maybe you can find one that is almost where you want it ? pay a little more now save a little in the end . the guy sellin his busa for a little less than msrp probably has full exhaust ,pclll , or maybe he still has that loan that he has only made a dozen payments on and still owes a boat load ! these were reasons i decided to go new and being an owner i am happy with the resale value being high , one more reason i chose the busa !


kidzip, I noticed the same thing and like you am in the market for a busa at a good price. Your argument does seem to go in favor of buying new. When the revised '07's come out the '06 should sell at a discount. Just a thought. I think this is my plan.

The best values that I have seen are the '05's with low mileage. I have seen them sell between 8-8,500 with some extras. Save on tax, first service, and a little deppreciation.

Good luck.

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nada and kelly blue book is just a guide some times you will find a good deal but most of the time bikes go for more than the book value. cash talks and a lot of times you can get a bike for the price you want to pay it just takes the right person
also welcome aboard

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True the prices can vary greatly dependant on what the previous owners have done. However...be wary of the advertisements that fill the pages of the mags. A dealer may "offer" the new Busa for $9999, but before you ride aware they will get you for "Freight/Prep", Admin fees, and sometimes even more. I know because I worked for a Dealer for several years. If you can commit a dealer to "Out the Door" price, that is the best approach.
But take the advice of the guys on this thread. They know what they are talking about. Mods aren't cheap for the Busa, and if you find the right bike, you don't need to "expect" to put a tire on or additional service right away. My bike has 3k on it and the tire is near perfect.

Just my two cents.



full system $1100.00 pc111r $300.00 dyno tune $300 plus.
windscreen $75.00 i can keep going all day. that is why these bikes are priced higher than blue book.


everything these guys have said is 100% true,take my busa for instance I want 8000 and some people say thats way to much for a 2000 when I can go buy a new one for 9999 well then lets add all the dealer fees up and all the mods most want to do,then lets see the real $$$$$$,high book on my 2000 is 6600 but lets see it has only 5900 miles on it and its piped lowered and a ton of chrome and other mods done to it,just about any older Busa that you can buy for book price is going to have a sh** load of miles on it and has been more than likely beat on and show it, so its comes down what the market will bare and what you are looking for and willing to spend and its great that they seem to hold there value alot more than the KBB or the NADA books say they are worth,
if most of the people would look a little harder a the so called book price they would see that that price for a 2000 for $6500 is calculating that it has 26000 miles on it as well,
just my 2cents, I have a Busa and its for sale but at the same time its a super clean low milage bike and if I dont get close to what I want I wont sell it and I think most of the guys on here feel the same way


Just bought an 05 Red/Black for $10,500 out the door,, taxes, plates etc

Hope that helps for new pricing


Another thing to think about is the blue book value when it comes to insurance companies.. Had my low milage 2002 Busa stolen and only getting 7800 from the insurance company which is going by book value... Damn really hate that.... Just my 2 cents

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i've actually got mine price at the moment.. I'm pretty firm on it partly because I do have alot done to it... and partly because I don't know that I wouldn't regret selling it.. hehe

here is what I decided

I could take all the aftermarket stuff off.. put OEM plastics back on it and sell it for $5,500 pretty fast (01 w/13,k) or I could leave it as is... lose my ass on the money I've invested at $7,200.

seemed like more of a hassle to me to remove all the stuff.. plus whoever buys it more than likely is just going to turn around and do most, if not all of the mods that I've already got done... except maybe the paint.

just the short list of stuff done.
full exhaust
SS lines

there's alot of little stuff.. but I don't worry about that too much..

if you bought a new bike and put it to the same shape mine is in now... assuming you paid $9,400 for it OTD (excluding state taxes) you would have roughly $13,000

so you wanna spend $13,000 for one thats gonna be brand new for about a month..

or $7k -ish for one and buy a kick ass track only bike with the remainder?

you can look at it here to get a better idea of why it's over book value.



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one other thing to consider...

get a quote on a 05/06 NEW busa from your insurance... then check it on a 00/01 model..

you'll save probably another $5-$600 per year unless your over 30 with a good driving record..

I know when I first got mine it was $1,500 per year.. now it's about $700 (100,000/300,000/100,000 coverages, and 100 deductable)

only thing thats changed is the bike has gotten older.. I've got no tickets/accident any of that hoopla.


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"worth" is what you can coerce someone into giving you for your sale.Bottom line is if you cant get what you want,then its not "worth" what you want.They have to want it bad enough to give you the asking price to make it "worth" your asking price.As a buyer, if youre willing to give the asking price, then its not "worth" the asking price to you as a buyer.:;):


Hmmmm my new one was 10,500 out the door,,, with extra warranty tax, plates etc.

Sell price was $8500 for a NEW 0 mile 05