Burned me like toast!!!


So here's the deal, I was on the freeway splitting lanes in what seemed like the longest traffic jam I've ever seen. It's 90 degrees and the temp needle on the bike is in the middle, normal but elevated. I've got hot air blowing off the engine right onto my left drumstick. Gave me a pretty bad burn right between the top of my boot and bottom of my leather pants. Even got a few blisters on it too. Anybody else have this happen??
Move your leg out a bit... That kind of heat seems excessive. I have never experienced that riding in the 90+ we see here in SW Florida.
i do i have to say i was wearing shorts....and boots....quite the tool look i know...

i noticed my heat output felt by my legs has gone up slightly since i removed my oil cooler. not sure if it is due to actual heat or the flow of air across the engine not being disrupted by the cooler.

in pants still still quite warm though!