Bruce's Sportsman Double joke got me thinking....


I have always preferred the older women. Grant it no big deal when your in your 20's, but seems a lil different when your mid 40's ??? Sorta goes from dating singles/moms to straight dating granny's :whistle: And out of curiosity just hit the old google for chits & giggles(not really just oogling hot granny's):rofl:

And after watching this it makes you think twice about the "Sportsman Double".

I mean ALL these women are over 60 and some over 70 :oh: and I would have to say a lot of them are still dam hot women, and I know some may say "there famous and have stylist/make-up people" and for that I say let's be real. How many actual women get out of bed in the morning looking as good/made up as they do at say noon or in the evening? If it wasn't for make-up and uhhh nevermind not going there.

I guess my point is, how many of you would bolt if you brought a nice looking lady home for the a game of say naked twister and she hollered up and asked her mom if she wanted to play? Never know it could be the best thing that ever happened to you. :laugh: So I'd I figure it like this, no matter what cards you are holding don't fold until you at least see the river card.

Don't ask me why, I get bored easily and think of all kinds of stuff. :laugh:


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