brruupp...oh no!

HP Junkie

i just have to tell you guys this one. its that time of year again so i go outside with my 2yo daughter and we get on my lawn tractor ,hook up the cart and ride over to the wood pile(i burn around 4 cord a year). im throwing wood in the cart and shes bieng daddys little girl helping and all , i pick up a piece of wood and a mouse shoots out and darts under the mower deck so i say "honey come look at the mouse" she looks but doesnt see him .so the mowers idling and i figure ill bump the blade drive enough to scare the mouse out of hiding and i go "honey look" and brruupp out shoots this headless mouse and it lands in front of her! she looks at the corpse then at me hits my leg and runs off crying. i swear i didnt mean it,wtf was i thinking. :crazy:
:rofl: Thanks I really needed that. :rofl: Your poor kid is scared for life and I can't stop laughing. :eek:
I'm in the same boat with him.

Nice to traumatize a little kid.

I'm still laughing.

Sounds like something a band would do for a PR stunt.

Still laughing.

Hope my boys don't see this post!
Dang, Junkie... That ought 'ta keep the lil thing havin' nightmares for YEARS. Bless her lil heart!!! For yer next trick you could bury a live cat up to it's neck and run over it's head with a runnin' lawn mower...

Or maybe you already have sumthin' more traumatic in mind? :super: ;) Better start savin' money to pay the shrink with in a few years if yer gonna keep this up. :laugh:
BAHAHAHAHHAA, SHEESH.... sorry, that is kind of a funny story :laugh:
Oh Dear HP...Thats...Horrible...But Funny as hell... Yeah, I agree with the the others here. Better start saving money for a good therapist...
Hey what did Mom have to say?:super: You still in the dog house?
Ah she'll be just fine... Just go to the pet store and buy a feeder mouse. Bring it home and explain to your little girl that you fixed the mouse and it is all better!!!
You could always duct tape it like the bird they sold the blind kid on Dumb & Dumber! :devil:
Look at the bright side it does teach her how dangerous lawn mowers can be. Won't be long and she will forget the whole thing. :D
Ah she'll be just fine...  Just go to the pet store and buy a feeder mouse.  Bring it home and explain to your little girl that you fixed the mouse and it is all better!!!
Terrible idea, Rev... What happens then if something happens to Mommy or someone else later on and she expects Daddy to "fix" them, too? :super: We'd understand why he'd fix a rat and not "mama", but the lil schweetie would never be able to understand that. It'd be settin' 'er up for even more therapy than she already has comin'...

Ground her in reality now. Sometimes things leave and can't come back. Plain and simple... That's the problem with kids these days anyway. They have no understanding of reality. :cussing:
Yeah it's just the kids with no understanding of reality :laugh:

Well, if Mom climbs under the mower deck and Dad rev's it to chase her out then I guess the lil one has bigger problems than just a slightly off sence of reality...

Besides, my way makes Dady a freakin hero for a little while... :D
Ground her in reality now? She is two years old! lol My 2 year old wouldnt understand either probably. Horrible and funny story there HPJ...
We took the Cub scouts fishing. Someone caught and released a Rainbow Trout. Problem was he threw it over his head and the fish got stunned when it hit the water. One of the younger sibs started crying that he "Killed Rainbow!" The fish just floated there for five minutes until it swam away. Obviously there was no more fishing to be done until my wife told the young'un, "Don't worry, Rainbow is just sleeping now, we won't catch Rainbow anymore, well just go fishing for trout" Seemed to placate the little rugrat, & we got to go fishing again!
Ground her in reality now?  She is two years old!  lol  My 2 year old wouldnt understand either probably.  Horrible and funny story there HPJ...
I'm not sayin' take 'er to the morgue and show 'er around, man. Just sayin'... Ahhh, never mind. I guess it was kind of a silly rant on my part. I missed that she was only two. Oh well. That's not the first time I ever spoke out my azz! :laugh:
well of course i had to tell mom why nicole was crying, she gave me a dirty look and said smooth move ozzy (it wasnt a dove for crying out loud). so im going to make up for it like any good dad and take her to toysrus! (much cheaper than therapy)