Bronc's back from NC/ VA/ SC/ GA


Just got back from our road trip, had a blast. After I get unloaded, unpacked, file receipts, etc., I'll download the pics and post some of them. Had a blast, Stopped in Ga for a short ride, stayed in Robbinsville and hit the Dragon/ Cherohala/ Foothills and all the other surrounding roads, then moved on to Maggie Valley And hit a lot of great roads in that area. While cruising the Blue Ridge Parkway headed north we managed to drop in on Vman @ MR Cycles in Asheville. Nice to see him again and MR is a very nice shop. Think they sold one of my cruiser buddies on a Busa. If he would've had more room on his trailer he probably would have picked it up right there at MR. The final stop didn't involve much riding, but we stopped in Savanna for a couple days on our way haulin' back south. The Busa did over 1k miles in the mountains, and the little Blazer that could hauled the new trailer with both bikes 1500 miles without a problem. The Condor chocks (group buy, thanks KS Waterbug!) worked well beyond expectations. If you trailer, I highly reccomend these. Hauled the Busa 1500 miles and never had to put a bar harness on it. Two loose straps to the rear pegs, and she was good to go, even up and down some pretty rough roads.
Hang in there for pics, I'll get 'em up soon.

Mick, sorry I missed you, we will be back up soon. maybe for good.

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Sorry Scott I wasn't able to see you, we had a death in the family and was out of town as well.....hope to see you soon...

Welcome Back!!!
Glad you had a good trip... but.... where are the pics?!?!?
We want pics... we want pics...
everyone now.....
We want pics... We want pics...

Sure was nice bringing our portable garage with us. This is at the Phillips' in Robbinsville. After coming up into the mountains through north Georgia on 441, the ole Blazer was due for a break. Actually it did well and gave us no problems, just would've been nice to have a wee bit more torque on tap.

Miss Jen Headed up to the Gap with me for her first time. She was a bit nervous, but did great. I am very proud of her. Now I gotta get her on something that will corner.......

She made me take a pic of both bikes together for proof that I didn't just ride her up there and let her pose. This was a big deal for her. She hasn't been around bikes much and has only been riding a couple years.

We headed over to Maggie Valley to meet up with friends, but had to stop in Cherokee for a shopping break. Moccasins were at the top of the list.

Getting the rig in the driveway was tricky, but once there the Busa was primary modus trasportus.