Broken Radiator Mounting Tabs


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So today I noticed that PO must have broken both radiator mounting tabs, presumedly from coming down from wheelies, not sure how else they would break. I was going to attempt JB weld, or look at buying a new radiator (used?) Does anyone have an extra for some reason? I can't imagine there are a ton of used ones in good shape around.

So other than JB weld, any good options? Would prefer a better fix but it seems this is the best option.

Thanks all. Frustrating discovery to say the least....alternatively I have not had an issue with it, but now that I know it must be fixed!
try the JB weld first it is good on aluminum. If it is just the tabs you should be ok.
New radiators are $$$$
Radiators are expensive! When I had to replace the oil cooler, it was well over 200 bucks. I can't even imagine what a radiator will cost.
you should have called me on the oil cooler keep them in stock alot less than $200..

lmk if ya need a radiator..
Didn't buy from the dealer. I got my oil cooler from NhGunNut. He had a pretty clean oil cooler with less then 5k on it. He gave me a smokin good deal on it.
When I wrecked my 02 last year, I found my radiator on e-bay for $75 free shipping. It can with the fan and the coolant temp sensor. I would however attempt the JB weld first. That stuff works wonders on radiators.
so my first attempt failed, overnight something shifted. I am going to take the radiator off, measure the distance between the mounting points, got a piece of wood, then use that to mount them the proper distance

Question: Can I JB weld on top of the failed JB weld spot or must I clean it up somehow first?
water bottle...tupperware....household tools :laugh:

Lets see if this works.

What can't be repaired ?

I had a rad shot chop the top hose tube off mine, blank the hole off,
and re-mount the stub on the back with a new hole.

B-King had a rock punch a hole through the rad.
Shop fixed it up like new.

I would have though mounts would be real easy ?
On a similar topic....
When I bought the rad and oil cooler guardfs for my B-King, they came listed as "Hayabusa/B-King".
Not sure, but maybe the twin fan B-King rad is the same as the Mk2 Busa's ?

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