Broken Chain


saw this on another board... i always wondered what happens when the chain brakes

Yeah i throw one this summer didn't break just came off the sprocket...Man the chainguard kept it from sliding all the way up the swingarm. Would have been real messy without the chain guard. I'm a believer!
Can really get ugly if the thing hits the case....then the damages get serious as well as potential swing arm and other damages. There is a guy on this forum...don't remember who ....but he dislikes Suzuki OEM chains and suggests they be replaced. Some chains make it 10k problems...others snap in less than 2,000. Depends on maintenance too. some never adjust their chains after break in and they get too loose. Some never get cleaned and/or lubed properly and then their are those that really crank on their bikes and the chain just dies an early death.
Oh forgot....frequent inspections of your chain is a must no matter what kind of chain you have and no matter how old it is. When my bike is warming up I check tires, chain tension, chain links.....all sorts of things. I fly in a lot of airplanes so I am keen on "preflight" checks. Helps a when I spotted the 3 inch nail in my tire on inspection. some ride for hundreds of miles without knowing about such things. I'd hate to have a blow out on a busa at higher speeds.