Brocks headers 4-1 or 4-2-2 comparison for price n bang for the buck on a gen 2


This is just for a street bike I'm looking at. Not a drag racing bike.
Wich 4-1 Brock's has more power if all things are said n done equal? Alien head?
Is it worth buying the ct titanium setup 4-1 and will it make as much or more power than the alien head setup or is that 1 pound less not worth it for a street bike?
Will a 4-2-2 make less power if all things equal to a 4-1 or can a 4-2-2 make the same amount of power as a 4-1?

Maybe this has been asked but I didn't see what I was looking for. Maybe you guys know the real answer and not a guesstamite of what may be what. Thank you guys
Just buy the AH2 setup. Not going to notice a lb and with money saved over the ct get yourself the brembo rcs19 to slow this down now.
I bought a used single ct for 1100 in perfect condition. I love it. But different look then the AH. Personally I like the look better.
CT system and 4-2-2 will make more power than the Alien Head but it's up to you if it's worth the price difference.

You probably want to get the AlienHead2 which has just been released and a great buy bang-4-buck! :beerchug:
I'm not sure if the ct is the sole top dog anymore. Think normaly only dynoed 2-3hp more then the ah and the new AH dynoed 2-3 more then the old AH.

Go for whatone you like the looks of better.
What's the real difference from an AH & AH2?
So the ct does make a little more power? Now hows that? Well a used ct can cost what a new AH costs.
So does 4-2-2 or 4-1 make more power ?
AH2 has thicker piping then AH. Believe same size as CT now. Single more hp dual more tq.

Correct me if I'm wrong but the comparison picture both look exactly the same. Check reflections off the ground and compare the bike position in relation to points on the ground.
I've never owned the CT, but do like the look of it. I've had the Alien Head on my old zx14 and absolutely loved it. The sound was incredible! Nothing like high pitched whiners of the other exhausts. It definitely has it own sound that sets its apart from the others. At this point, if you decide on the Alien Head, go with the AH2 since its only a little bit more. It all depends on the type of look you are going for...regardless of your choice, you can't lose.
Don't the single ct and the alienhead 2 have the same headers? If that's the case then they will most likely make some power, right? Anyone care to comment?