brocks clutch mod


what is the benifit of doing the brocks clutch mod? im told that even though you think your slipping the clutch on your bike your not cause you cant do that with a hayabusa. so thats why you do the clutch mod is this correct or is there more im missing?
As far as I know it turns the stock hayabusa slipper clutch into a lockup clutch, effectively making it bite sooner. The stock slipper clutch is there to help prolong the life your clutch, when you drop the clutch, it slips instead of the plates. Great for clutch life but bad if you want to go 0-100 in 5sec.
Right off Brock's site:

CLICK LINK--> Ultra Light Billet Clutch ModClutch Mods | Brock's Main Store

•Eliminates ‘bucking’ during dead stop launches
•Helps protect chain and drive train components from damage
•Smoother operation, longer clutch life, lower ETs
•Replaces factory back-torque limiter
•Billet 7075 aluminum, mil spec. hard coat construction
•60% lighter than stock for quicker engine acceleration
•Lever pressure increased only 10%
•Includes clutch spring shim spacers
•No core charge or exchange required


When it comes to enhancing the overall performance and drive train safety of the Suzuki Hayabusa, the most popular and affordable upgrade is the Ultra Light Billet Clutch Mod. This mod replaces the factory installed back-torque-limiting clutch assembly (sometimes also known as a ‘slipper clutch’) allowing the rider to perform a smoother, more controlled dead-stop launch, as opposed to the grab-n-jerk motion associated with trying to launch the stock machine. As an additional benefit, the Ultra Clutch Mod helps reduce component wear associated with quick starts, regardless of the surface. ‘Slipper clutch’ equipped bikes can experience abnormal wear leading to frequent adjustments, broken drive chains, premature damage to sprockets, worn out/broken outer clutch baskets, and even bent output shafts, all of which can be attributed to the violent jerking motion encountered from the factory clutch arrangement.

If every hundredth of a second and smallest detail counts in your world, this is the Clutch Mod for you. Thoroughly tested in some of the highest power bikes in the world, this mod also attacks the rotating mass equation in the Hayabusa clutch area. The energy transferred from rotating the weight of the steel OEM components can now be used to push the bike forward – quicker! The Ultra Mod weighs in at a feathery 139 grams, compared to stock’s 340 grams.

Kit includes shim spacers for use with the stock springs, for a slight increase in clutch pressure. Not only will this help the bike launch quicker without creating drag strip chatter, but it will also help increase top end speed.

To further optimize the experience, we suggest the Brock’s Performance Clutch Cushion Kit be used in combination with the Ultra Mod for an unbeatable performance upgrade.

Note: Some rear wheel hop may be noticed when removing the OEM back-torque-limiting clutch assembly, depending upon rider habits. All Brock’s Performance products are designed for Competition Use Only. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for additional information

You might also want a "cushion kit" depending what you are trying to do....

CLICK LINK--> "Cushion Kit"