Brock's Clutch MOd


2006 blue, Tsukigi oval, pc3, custom tune, air box mod and hotbodies undertail. 175 hp at rear wheel. All this done by previous owner. Bike is like brand new.
Brock said you have to do the clutch mod or you will tear up you bike.
Is this true? He also said to go one down on the front sprocket. Should I do this also?

What is a good track set up for me? Never been to the track. Want to start. Found a track 15 mins from me. I weight 165 lbs.


I did the Brocks clutch mod on my bike.
On hard launching it would jerk and buck and that could possibly eventually break something. The Mod fixed that and also did make the drive train feel tighter.

One of our sponsors sells it and had this listed to expalain it:

Clutch Modification, Billet, Suzuki Hayabusa - Brock   Schnitz Motorsports Inc

The Brock's Performance Clutch Mod assembly disables the factory Suzuki back-torque cam assembly (sometimes mistakenly known as a "slipper clutch"). This allows the rider to perform a smooth launch as opposed to the grab-n-jerk associated with trying to launch a stock machine from a dead stop.

This kit includes shim spacers to slightly increase clutch pressure without causing chatter or a lack of top end speed.

Brock's idea of a Clutch Mod...If every hundredth of a second (and smallest detail!) counts in your world also, this is the Clutch Mod for you! Thoroughly tested in some of the highest power bikes in the country, this mod attacks the rotating mass equation in the Hayabusa clutch area. The additional energy no longer required to rotate the weight of a standard Clutch Mod can now be used to push the bike forward...quicker!


I have read that. Just wanted somone to chime in and tell me they did it.
How long did it take you?
Hope the instructions are good.

I want to start going to the track and wondered what else I should do like the 1 down and 2 up in the back, and what size tire?
Thanks for your help
I love this forum


I have heard of a lot of people doing that mod that drag at the track. I dont know about day to day though.


Drag racing is hard on the bike but, I want to tear up my bike. If this mod is the smart way to go then I am in.


just my .02 I have not done the mod yet and have approx 140 passes at the strip this year and run consistent now 1.50 short times and mid 9's now and no problem with the stock setup I was gonna weld my stock one but if it aint broke I would not fix it, unless ofcourse you have chattering or such on hard takeoffs


I have it on my 08 and its a daily driver and I do drag race it nearly every weekend. On the street it works really well and makes the clutch application really smooth and chatter free. Ive made nearly 50 runs down the 1/4 mile this year and its worth the $$ . Takes about 30 min. to install and your on your way.


I don't have any problems with my clutch. Brock states that this mod is for those who want to launch hard and not tear up anything. Maybe I should wait till I have a problem then, damage would have already been done. What do you think?


I can see me launching really hard with a electronic shifter since you dont have to get your foot back on the peg for shifting. Might wait till I get a shifter.


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Look at it this way, you can't go wrong with his mod but you can go wrong without it. Some people need to break things before they learn while others are more proactive. Either way the choice is yours to make. :beerchug:


I used an impact to remove it,but to tighten and torque it , I used a piece of 1 inch wide flat bar and drilled 2 holes to line up with the holes on the clutch basket and let one end of the flat bar touch the floor. This will keep it from spinning.


when you used an impact, what keeps the clutch from turning? If it's in gear then all that pressure is on your gears. ???

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