Brock's Clutch mod and cushion

Quicker Gixxer

I'm just posting this so it will come up for others searching on this mod. I can't believe the difference it made! My Busa launches so much smoother now, under much better control. The only downside was that since I was able to apply so much more power...I had to deal with some tire spin, but my Shinko has about had that might have been a factor. For anyone considering this it! I knocked 6/10's off my best time and there's more to come as I get accustomed to the new launch characteristics.
Its good for street riding, but you can lock up the back wheel when gearing down and to high a revs. Just be aware that the back wheel can lock and you are good to go for street use.
My best pass of the night came against this guy...6.52. He had a problem and got out of it early...but it still felt good to jump out I dropped nearly a 10th from my previous best and there's more to come, I'm still trying to figure the best rpm to launch at. I was leaving at 6k before the mod, but I dropped to 3-4k this last time and it felt good. I need another shinko though cuz the tire is spinning some again. My 60's are coming down that's good. I started in the 2's, in the 1.7's now....practice practice. But the clutch mod/cushion kit added some consistency for I can start dialing it in :laugh:


Important to mention... After making the Brock's Clutch Mod. Or installing any stiffer springs. The Clutch Slave Cylinder MUST be braced. This should be done at the same time as the Clutch Mod. Easy to do. There are a couple different style braces available. The Slave Cylinder without a brace. Will only hold up to the stiffer springs for a short time. Then the Slave Cylinder body will break.