Brock davidson article


I came across these article's while researching the Hindle pipe, pretty good information.

If you get the Hindle pipe, please let me know what it does for your Busa, and how it sounds. I had a Hindle on my V Max and it was a very nice system, what a great sound and increase in power! Made my max sound like a built small block chevy V8! I know the Busa will not have a sound like that because the Max was a V4 motor but Hindle makes nice stuff.
I have talked to Broc Personally. He has the hot set up for the Busa. Add a power commander II and hold on. His setup produces 8-15 hp. The Hindle system works. It has a nice deep tone. Thats all we sell at the shop I work at. You can get any exhaust system you want as long as its a Hindle