Brock’s full titanium CT single exhaust for sale


Just wanted to list here, before I list on Facebook hayabusa groups and eBay.
Like title says, I have a used full titanium CT exhaust that I bought used, but never installed on my bike. I’m one of the rare guys that likes the most quiet exhaust that can be installed on a busa, so this one never made it on my bike, due to it being louder than my yoshi R77. This thing is extremely light and beautiful as well. I have attached some pictures of it and also showing the weight of the full system. In the pictures you can see that the bottom of the header has some scratches, but no dents and the carbon tip clear coat has a small imperfection that is hard to capture in a picture. I have also attached a picture of the back of the muffler. If you want more pictures, just ask. I’ve tried posting the relevant details, even if small, so that potential buyer knows exactly what they are getting. This system retails for about $2k dollars and I’m looking to sell for $1,480.00 shipped to lower 48.








I love my CT Meg , it really is only loud when you give it big throttle , and you can tool around suburbia with only an acceptable serious authoritative note , and yeah it is super light , that bracket to mount muffler being steel for strength , is heavy . It colors up well too , here's a pic of what you can expect . View attachment 1590664
This thing is definitely a work of art. I love the colors on the header. Is that a zip tie on your fork? Setting up suspension?


C10 how much in ti bolts is saving almost 2lbs? Buy this then sell the Muzzy I bet this come out cheaper.
More like 4 to 6 is my guess I have all the stock bolts in attic . I could weight them all and subtract 40% however some bolts are hollow and 60% lighter than bolt they replaced . Have some Aluminum that changes it some .
MAN OH MAN how I wish I had the cash for this, how come your not running this bad boy Miguel?
Tax season is around the corner, so just put it on a credit card and pay it off when you file taxes. I like quiet exhausts and my neighbors do too. Lol! I have even been considering going back to dual exhaust again.

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