Bridgestone battlax bt45


The bike I bought has a new one on the front. I was getting ready to replace the rear but the more I read I have decided I don't want one if these on the rear due to poor reviews on here. So should I replace both tires and what kind?
What bike did you buy that has a BT45 on it?

From Bridgestones website it appears its a high mileage heavy weight made for big heavy bikes like Harleys etc.
Really depends on how you plan to use it. Are you a track rider, street punk, Squid, tourer, commuter, etc. Match the tire to your riding style and if the one that came on it doesn't match, be real careful until it wears out or swap it now. Manuf websites do a good job of showing intended uses for each type of tire they sell. If your skills are average like mine, and you don't push hard you have lot's of leeway. Personally, I prefer Dunlop Roadsmart II front and rear.
Thanks for the input. I am not a really experienced rider but I push myself and get better all the time. I do put a fair amount of miles daily and kind if get on it as often as I can. I read the other tire thread and am considering Q2. Going to see what kind of deals I can find on them.
I ended up going to the cycle store today and walked out with a set of perelli diablo's. took them home for $221. Now I just have to get them put on. Any one know of a good place in Virginia beach to get them put on? One place was trying to charge $70 a tire.
A lot of sport tourers use a car tire on the rear and a BT45 on the front for increased mileage. I'm happy with the mileage I get from Michelin PR's.
I'm not going to engage in the feasibility or sensibility of car tires on bike wheels.
I remember that the first Busa's were sold as sport tourers with the emphasis on sport, now Suzuki doesn't even mention 'tourer' - it's now a real sport bike.
tires and tires...
Are you strapped for cash and need to get mileage?
Are you a fairly good rider and push your bike to the limits in high speed sweepers?
Does your current tire have 3/4" or more chicken strips?
Do you check your tire pressure each time you ride?

There are no bad tires, some are better then others being it mileage or grip balance what you need!

No sense putting on a soft low mileage sticky tire if your carving corners, almost like a hearing impaired person buying a Bose sound system.