Brembo 100mm calipers on Gen 1

Hello All,

Yes I have seen a lot of posts that are talking about this very issue but I have not found one that everything is plain and simple...

I have a 03 Busa with the stock braking system and I am wanting to do a brake upgrade with the 100mm Brembo calipers...from my understanding I need to buy the calipers...pads...the mounting bracket and that is all that is needed...right??? I understand that there is a chance that I will need spacers also...

For clarity I want to make sure that this is all that is needed and I am able to keep my stock size rotors and brake lines???

Sorry to be the one who brings this up again but I was not sure about everything and reading four of five different post was not helping me out...I am trying to do this on a budget and know as much as possible before I start

I do not do track runs...I am not racing ever chance I get...I am using that bike to ride normally...for the most part...but with something this heavy and this fast I would like to upgrade the braking system...I upgrade the brakes on everything I drive...seems like stock brakes on my vehicles are just good enough but not as good as needed for what the vehicle is used...yes I am going to order stainless steel lines also...thinking about doing either a Brembo or 1k master cylinder to finish it off...


You will need longer lines as the mounting bracket/adaptors result in bringing the calipers further down.
I got mine off Pashnit. Ordered them 3 inches longer than stock and they fit fine now.



I just do it for attention from the chicks, though when we dynod my Busa AFTER the Brembo stickers, I too had an extra 5 HP!
On my old gen 1 i went the Tokico route as well to keep overall costs down....also changed both the brake and clutch master cylinders to those from a K7/8 GSXR 1000...same bike I got the calipers from.
The adaptors were just from ebay.
The end results are almost neck breaking compared to the stock system and keeps everything off the shelf from Suzuki.
Cheaper Brembo non radial 65mm calipers can also be used with different adaptors and those are still fantastic calipers.


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If you need lines and that is a or the the lines and ends and fit them...send them back and they will crimp and shrink wrap to look nice...and they send them back to you... black marker the end orientation so they fit just right


If you need lines and that is a or the the lines and ends and fit them...send them back and they will crimp and shrink wrap to look nice...and they send them back to you... black marker the end orientation so they fit just right
...or you can contact Pashnit (sponsor) who can order a set 3 inches longer and fit them on easily, getting it right the first time.


If you are trying to get radial front brakes you can buy the 100mm adapters to give the allusion that you have them but the only true way to achieve this on a Gen1 busa is to either swap the front ends with that of a Gen2 busa or a newer Gsxr 1000. There is a couple places that sell the bracket mounts to do a Brembo conversion. I did the 65mm Brembo conversion because at the time I was able to get a sweet deal on practically a brand new pair of 65mm Brembo's. You will need the adapters and possibly a few spacers, pads, and mounting brackets. I bought a set of Speigler SS front brake lines and I guess they come slightly longer than OEM so they were just the right length and mounted up perfectly :thumbsup: IMO you will need to buy 1 other piece of the puzzle to fully reap the benefits of this conversion and that is a Brembo Front brake master cylinder. The calipers will yield results but if you want stop on a dime 2 finger braking capabilities then you need to get the master cylinder as well. You can check ebay or a couple racing forums and maybe get lucky and come across a used Brembo MC or buy a new 1 outright which can be somewhat expensive. I used a Brembo front brake MC off an 09 R6 and a Speigler Billet Reservoir and that combination for me has performed flawlessly. I rock a shorty front brake lever now and can stop on a dime with 2 fingers :whistle: Oh yeah don't go cheap on the pads neither, make sure you grab a set of EBC HH or Extreme pads
I just couldn't push myself to go with the Brembos because of cost. I have lot of money in my bike but some things I just can't spend that much. I went the next best thing IMHO which was the Nissin calipers originally found on the 2006 ZX14s and newer and now on the newer ZX6Rs. I was impressed when I first rode a 14 and had wished the Gen II Busa would have had them. Tokicos are still not as good no matter what people say.

Once you have done the whole braking system, your bike will have transformed more than you can imagine and if your good enough to exploit the need for them.....

Did anyone doing this mod also do the master upgrade with a Brembo 08-09 R1 master? I have done that upgrade and I am thinking that the Busa levers will work on the R1 but I just will not have the ability to adjust the position of the lever.

Anyone have advice for me?


I have an 09 R6 Brembo front master cylinder on my Gen1 busa. The busa lever will not fit, I've tried it and it's a no go. You can pick up a stock R6 lever off ebay pretty cheap or buy a Chazzo lever on ebay for less than $40

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