Breaking down stock exhaust cans


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Every since I got my Busa, I have really enjoyed the quiet exhaust not of the stock exhaust cans. However, I never liked the way they looked. So using wards web page as a guide I finally polished the stock cans out, I'm still working on the second one. Really a lot of work, but, it is really worth the effort. It just completely lights up both sides of the bike. When I'm finished, I'll post some pictures and see what you all think. Anyhow, for those who enjoy the Busa in stock form this is a way to beautify it without spending $$$$$ on an after market exhaust. I've got a double bubble on the way, and I'm going to get the undertail and tire hugger, and that will about do it for the mods I'll be doing to my Busa. Happy Thankgiving all....