Break in


The protocol I have (short form) says 15 minutes at at a crack and let cool. 30 minutes from 200 - 500. Everythings below 5000rpm. It's eating my heart. nawing at the very foundations of my soul, beckoning me to the dark side, I can feel myself slipping... Any way to ride longer after 200 without excessive degradation - Captain? Narc? Kneb? Ninja?
I've had mine for 4 months and i had the same concerns. I just kept it below the 5000rpm for 600 miles and didn't labour it. Accelerated and let it rev 3500 to 4000 most times before shifting up. Didn't accelerate too hard either. Rode to work and back for the short trips for cooling etc. Changed up and down gears a lot for the transmission. Basiclly just ride very gently for a while. After the 600 i started opening it up a little but not too much and after i hit 1000 i rode it normally.



when i broke in the motor in my car...hehehe..i was 16. first real motor i've been behind. i was drivin the nova with a 100 hp strait six. pwoered me to a 'evil' 18.9 in teh 1/4

but as soon as i broke her cam in the 355 i rebuilt for her..i couldnt resist but get all up in the rpms. lol
her first hour lived she already saw the bright side of five grand touchin 6.

ithink if i had ever driven a fast car before i might not have done it so much, but heyu only live once..motors can be rebuilt but how many chances did i have to be 16 and stupid and have fun??

i've ridden a 12Rbefore so i've ridden a quick biek and all..and if i get a new busa (which i wont)i'll break it in. but im wanting one when im 21 or around then ( a lil more than 2 yrs away). mabye i'll get a 2000? i love the 2001 paint scheme though how it hooks down, like a hayabusa's beak . soo soo cool.

ok now im rambling...sorry to post this but that wasthe only time i broke a motor in