Brand New Busa Doesnt Work


First glitch on the new busa.

I filled it up with premium and the fuel gauge said full.

100k's later, fuel gauge is still full.

Anyone know a fix for this or should I take it back?

I've just disconnected the battery, will reconnect soon to see if that works.



The gauge will move eventually, when it does it will go down fast, when it does fill it up again so you will know at which % the indicator starts moving. I have had the same problem since the first day, and I have tried many things. Now I just accept it like it is, and see the "F" as half indicator, mine start going down between 100 and 120km.

Even more important, as with ANY vehicle you need to use the trip counter to determine your fuel amount. I know I can safely ride 220km on a full tank on my busa, therefore always plan trips and fuel stops around that. Other riders and bikes will differ on the kms they get.


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100 kilometers? That's what about 45 miles?? Not a problem. Easy riding mine will go about 80 miles before the gauge starts falling. It goes faster once it starts.

I easily get 160-180 miles to a tank.

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That's normal operations. It should start moving around 60 miles or 100K and go from there. It will run all the way to the E before running dry.

I have adjusted the float in a number of busas to make them accurate at 1/2 a tank. I never really cared when the needle moved from the full mark but I did like having half a tank left when it registered 1/2.

You can adjust the float by playing with the tank and try filling it up when the guage says 1/2. It will usually take more than 2.25 gallons. Remove the fuel filler and gently take the fuel float out. Bend the float rod upwards slightly and reinstall. Try the 1/2 full fill up again and keep adjusting the float until it takes 2.25 gallons to fill when the guage says 1/2.

It's a bit time consuming but you can indeed make the guage deadly accurate in this manner.


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My Gen I indicator was much better. It must be the new tank design. Stays on full forever and then drops, gets to the red and I fill up finding I still had a gallon or two :laugh:

lil charlie

Yeah the fuel gauge is worthless on these bikes. I go 160 miles and fill up.

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Your Busa is working extremely well. The first 60 miles is free, after that it starts using gas.


Yeah I have the same issue here, I like to think of the busa as a 100+ mpg scooter for the first half of the tank.... then a 10 mpg gas guzzling pickup the second half lol. The fuel gauge sucks


i go about 80 miles and she stays on full and then the guage starts to drops. during the week i commute to work and get around 180 miles to a tank and then on the weekends i get around 140 to a tank. i'm a little harder on the throttle while playing around.:thumbsup:


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there is approximately 1 gallon left when the fuel light comes on, that's when i start thinking about it and looking for a station :beerchug:


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Everyone can adjust the guage to suit your taste by simply adjusting the fuel float!

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