Has anyone had any issues with the braking length once you are on your 'busa.. I've a few times where it has taken me longer distance to brake while riding with guys who have heavier bikes and we were going the same speed. It just seems that a lighter more agile bike would be able to stop quicker than a 500+ lbs. bike.. Then again it just may be the rider
i've just bought a '99 busa and i've noticed the brakes are poor. My last bike was a triumph speed triple and compared to that, the busa is pants. Mine's got braided hoses on it as well - but I noticed it's awful in the wet (brakes take an age to bite) and they just don't have the stopping power. I'm going to put some kevlar pads in (don't know what they're using at the moment).

Any suggestions much appreciated.
Let me know how the kevlar works for you. With the size of the rotors on the front wheel and the large pads, this thing should stop alot better
It just seems that a lighter more agile bike would be able to stop quicker than a 500+ lbs. bike..[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
not to be picky, but the busa is 550lbs

i'll agree the brakes suck tho, it stops no better than my katana, and that wasn't so hot. tho i prolly shouldn't be comparing 'em to something like a cbr929 or gsxr600 which i've also riden in the past 3 months that i've had the busa. those bikes just have amazing brakes.
I added Kevlar Lines to both front and back. Helped a great deal. Actually, I was surprised to notice that much difference compared to the stock lines.
Brakes were one of the first things I changed. Added a Brembo master cylinder and Spiegler rotors and lines. Makes a world of difference...More brakes than I can use (at the moment). If you need any more add a set of those Spiegler 8 piston calipers (~1000bucks tho).
I need new rotors at 11k on the 2nd set of pads. I ride hard
wondered if anyone has used wave rotors and what they thought of them.
It seems to me less rotor surface may not be desirable but less weight is a good thing everytime.
    I figure a might as well get something better than stock.
I have toasted the factory rotors, this may be due to the hard ebc pads I used to replace the factory pads. They
turned the rotors blue and warped (too hard a pad) i suppose.
 In addition the bike has Nos so on the binders hard often.
I have complete stainless lines.
Thanks for all meaningfull feedback.
I checked out the pads and i've already got HH rated sintered pads in there. They should pull the tyre off the wheel - with braided hoses, 6 pot calipers & sintered pads! I guess i'm just going to have to get some mole grips on the brake lever! maybe that'll help!
wave rotors work really well. there is just as much surface area as stock and they keep cooler. , steel lines and hh carbon race pades . (stock master cly and calipers)
make sure all the air is bled out of the system.
I can almost out brake the ducs going into turn 2 at
pacific raceway.
btw I road race my busa... the only one in the northwest.
wmrra #800