Braking questions

Yeah - I think you'll be ok... Brakes either work or don't when your done. Only thing that can be a little tricky is bleeding brakes. Rookie error to avoid - don't depress the brake lever while changing out the linings. Also - if you get into changing fluid, lines, or rebuilding calipers the key is to work the brakes good and make sure there are no leaks and the brake resevoir stays full... And if you have any real intrepidation just do the front make sure they work and come back and do the rear later on - or vice versa. Allow for one know good brake system (front or back).

Remember - use brake cleaner - don't breath the brake dust as many still use asbestos.

If you determine the linings are still good - then you probably need to look at run out on the rotors or for glazing... Something along those lines...

Oh and one other thing get a little break grease and put a tiny dab on any metal to metal parts. That can cause squeaking too - and may be the problem...

Awesome info thank you! :)