Just a curious question?
I'm thinking of getting wave rotors.
Does anyone have them on their bike? If so how are they as far as stopping power is?
Thanks guys.
they are supposed to be comparable to the stoc rotors..but I don't know anyone with em....they look good though. Supposed to be a bit lighter as well.
I wouldn't think so..the weight diff. is going to be so minimal it shouldn't matter....unless you're at the track busting curves...then you might notice.
Yeah I imagine so, but my front end feels heavy when I ride hard. Do you experience that too or is it just me?
I'm looking for somewhat cheaper alternatives to shaed some wheight in the front to stop that, or is it something serious?
I had ordered wave rotor for the rear and its diameter was different than the stock. better check first. I hear wave do not have the stopping power that full rotors do . they are made for racing and racers do not expect to have to stop hard and complete. They only slow down going into corners and use the gearbox alot for braking. I am going with pvm rotors.
Kirby...why don't you just buy a wrecked stripped busa frame and start from scratch...I mean you have nothing else to do but mod your bike and post ho..........

and make up smilies..
Thank you...Thank you...

Once I get the ohlins front and rear road and track, pvm rotors(gold and black) front and rear, pvm front and back gold brakes, the grab bar in 14k gold plate, the frame and swing arm gold chromed, MCX turbo and the gold pvm wheels. I may stop. But, then Im gonna buy a ducatti 999s (prob wont need to mod that one) and an R1, RC51 and zx12 to complete the stable. Hey man, gotta spend all this $$$ ya know or the wife will. Hey maybe a new valkyre too. heeehee that would be cool!


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I ride with a guy who had them on his gixxer 1000 say they eat the pads up. Cut the life of the pad in half so he said. And the stopping power was not as good as the stock rotors ?

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