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Whats everyone using with regard to brakes. Especially since this is the fastest bike I'm thinkin the brakes should be alot more awesome than they are, so whatchu usin?

I tried a Buell lightning stock brakes were good, then I tried a Aprilia Mille with brembo's brakes whhhhhhhhhooooooooaaaaaa! awesome! Allmost locked up the front on the first grab!

I just got Galfer steel lines and pads I'll let ya know how I like em.
Ok I'll talk. It has been a secret so far but I feel bad that no one has responded to your post. So here goes............

Galfer everything. There I said it.

Wave rotors, braided steel lines, yup everything.

Except for the rear brake, it is stock. yes stock. Was considering installing a smaller GSXR 750 rear wave rotor to lose weight and because they don't make a Busa rear wave rotor.

Well now you know the family secret. SATISFIED?
EBC HH pads, goodrige stainless steel brake lines and 5.1 full syn brake fluid. that should be all you need.
Mahalo Gentleman, ( thank you ) I was reco'd the galfer lines cause they are plastic coated, wont scratch ... we shall see...