Brake upgrade? Pads or braided lines?


I've had my Busa for two months now and the thing that I have noticed from the begining is the amount of pressure on the lever that you have to use to get a rapid stop. Also the lever travel seems a little much. I know that this is a bigger bike than my past ones have been, but I'm looking for a little improvement.

What ONE thing will make a more noticable improvement in braking performance. I'm guessing the braided lines might be better, but that's only an assumption. This isn't a real big problem, so I don't thing that I need to goo all out and start changing everything. Just looking for a little improvement. Suggestions?
Braided lines will give you a much better, more progressive feel. Good stuff, I would just do the front lines first. See how you like the feel then consider pads.
My brakes felt numb, no initial bite, very little feel. I switched to EBC HH's and am much happier. The install took about 25 minutes and I no longer think about steel lines.
My 2c...

The front braided lines help a little. Don't do the rear unless you want the looks. You won't use the rear hard enough to warrant steel lines. Just my 2c.
I switched over to the EBC HH after 5k miles, and what a difference. Feels like the bike dropped 80 lbs. Never thought pads could make that much of a difference.

I had Galfer braided brake lines put on mine. They have a package deal where you get the lines and pads for only $10 over the price of the lines by themselves. The package was $119.

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 Also the lever travel seems a little much.
If your brakes are spongy then you would benifit from having them blead or steel lines since your going to pay to have them blead anyway.

I rode one other busa and it's stock brakes were much better than mine but I didn't have excess lever travel once the pads hit the disks. You know there is a lever adjuster to manipulate the engagement point, right?

Here's where to get EBC's

Parts 411 lists a 'B' pad, I don't know what that is.

I got my EBC HH's from Kneedragger

But if I had it to do over I would have considered the Galfer HH pads, I heard good things about them too.
Thanks art!

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I heard DP RDP pads make all the difference. I totally agree that stock Busa brakes SUCK. It is my only real complaint about the bike. The worst brakes of any bike I have ever owned. No feel, no progression, no bite. My 954 was the best by the way. Unbelieveably strong with awesome bite and progression.

I think I will try new pads first, then SS lines. Putting the lines on is a pain compared to new pads.