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I use EBC HH pads in front, EBC stock pads on the rear. They will still get dust on the wheels, but improve the brakes and the dust is easy to remove by spraying WD40 on a rag and wiping them off.:thumbsup:

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Someone tell me about the Vesrah pads... pretty popular with the racers and have no info on them at all...

I can read sales hype till I am blue in the face and not know a thing about them... Has anyone run them? how do the compare to the HH or the HH Extreme pad?
I have chrome wheels also.
IMO the fastest thing to destroy chrome is brake dust.
After every ride, I let the wheels cool a little, and use a microfiber cloth with plain warm water and wipe them down.
Takes about 5 minutes front and rear.
Once a year I give them 4 coats of Meguiars NXT Generation wax, and that protects them very well.
Even if it is very little dust, my advice is to take it off right away, and the chrome will last a long time.


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why not the HH on rear? my mom has a street rod that has ceramic ones and it is great just can't find any for bikes ???
I hardly use the rear brake other than for holding the busa on a hill. The rear brake will lock up and get you in trouble real fast if you don't watch it.
well the brakes are wearing in now. so far not much dust alot better then the stock ones.:thumbsup: I don't use my back brake much other then when I have a passenger

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