Braided lines - routing

Installing a set of smoked Galfer lines and EBC HH pads.  I got the lines on but a little unsure as to how guys are routing/securing lines?  Do you use the 2 plastic clips on fender that was used to secure cross over line or do you secure using fastener near top of forks?  Any problems with lines rubbing paint on fender?

On the bleeding, any thing I should know about bleeding with dual calipers? I've bled brakes before with mityvac, etc. but only on bikes with single caliper.

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Routing is the same as the way I did it. One on each side of the fender. Bleeding is the same just remember you have more calieprs.


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The rear has two bleed valves. On the front do the left side first then the right.

Be sure to torque to spec. I believe it was 12 to 18 ft. lbs. I went 16 ft. pds.

I used the rubber mount on the right but removed the one on the left. I used the black spring mounted on the lower tree with a rubber gromet, ran both lines through there. Twist tie if you have to and check binding/clearance issues.


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