Bought another Harley

Yes. Believe it or not, I don't think a stock motor ZX14r will be enough for me. I'm gonna need more. up for a fast bike will most likely be a turbo Gen 2 or a turbo ZX14r. Gonna build it slow over the next year or two. No rush.
Hi. Go with as 2002-2007 with a HD out put shaft and back cut gears with there polishing from Robinsons in NY. Also pistons and rods. How much HP do you want to make? I am now going with RCC s 1000 HP kit with mods from Andy at DME. It will be more HP than Bill had.


Thread jack alert....................! Lol! Have you ever posted about the money you have on your turbo setup? I ask, because I know you mentioned a stage one is possible to do on the cheap.
Well not sure about cheap
$1,300 turbo waste gate header
$320 Fuel system before AN fittings
$300 Plenum
$60 FAKE tail bov
$400 in all other bs. Hoses, clamps, fittings, 3bar, Ecu programmed, filter.
$200 fuel pressure and boost gauge.
$100 in wrong ordered poop.

Here is my guess on what I had in mine but it has not stopped for me.....
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