Boost reference location?


What is the best place to take the boost reference from?
The throttle body vacum ports, or the plenum/ boost tube?
I am installing a boost/vacuum guage as well as 1:1 regulator.
The bike also has a 50mm blow off.

I was thinking the regulator should see the refernce from downstream the throttle plates, so the fueling is more accurate, in case the blow off doesn't react fast enough to blow off the plenum and turbo outlet pressure.

Am I thinking right?

The wastgate should operate off the plenum/ up pipe boost tube, this way it would be spooling more , and less finicky to throttle position?
I mean, the throttle determines what goes in more than anything right? I would think i would want a steady wastgate, and stable plenum pressure, wheras the wastegate reference from the throttle vacuum ports might make it errratic?

Thanks guys!
Your help is much appreciated.



throttle body vacuum lines not just off one throttle body though or it could have a lot of needle bounce.

BOV should come from throttle body vacuum as well because you want the boost AND vacuum. the vacuum will help open the waste gate. so if you have a 6# spring it doesn't take 6# of boost preasure to open it WHEN pulling a vacuum, the vacuum assists it to open. you will have slow response from the boost tube and no appreciable vacuum help either

Waste gate yes off the up pipe/plenum

if the BOV does not react fast enough then you have it connected wrong or need a different one

hope that helps

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