Bolt on swing arm extensions


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sup all
i know there are a few places to get bolt on swing arm extensions, but all the ones i have found are 2-7 inches.
what i want is just a 2 inch extension, so there isnt a lot hanging off of the swingarm from the axel when its extended only 2 inches...
one option i thought of is to get the regular bolt on extensions and then just cutting the extra off... bt b4 i go through all that work i would like to find the correct ones.
thanx for the help
I read it twice...but I still don't understand.

What exactly are ya lookin for again?
OK...I think I understand it now. You're lookin for just the 2 inch ext., right?


I'm sure there's a bunch of 'em out there. I've seen 'em before.
there's a link above to spyder racing.

It says there 2-6" extensions.

I'm wondering if that's the ticket.
Does this help?  Extensions
na, those i already saw they are all adjustable...i am not sure if they make just a 2 inch extension, i might have to just make my own...i am not sure if i want to do this mod anyway so i am not too worried.
thanx for the help tho pac
You can also try pinging Charles (StreetnTrack) to see if he has some.

I think Moosesbusa also had a friend who fab'd some short extensions.

Wait...lemme see if I can pull up a pic.
No such thing as a 2" bolt on extension,bolt on extensions start at atleast 3" or more..

I was selling the only real 2" extensions I ever seen..and they required machining off the ends of the stock swing arm..