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I've seen/heard of several instances where the side panels have come off at speed on the Gen II(probably more likely at LSR than general highway speeds)and looking for any mods that may prevent this.I left all of my inner panels off after my 1st oil change and Brocks exhaust install at 500 miles and now after 4000 miles(mostly cruising @70-80 mph with numerous bursts up to 150-180 mph indicated)haven't had any issues with this far.I realize the interlocking tabs are no where as secure as the fastening system on the Gen I and have entertained the idea of possibly adding a push pin or two to the top of the panels where they interlock for added security(though i've held off as i'm not too wild about drilling holes in my new[2011]bike)but would like some member's opinions as to any other options.Truthfully(after assembling the inner panels on my workbench),i can't see where they(inner panels)offer much in the way of support/strength to the side panels and in fact may possibly even contribute to the problem with the way they funnel air up into the cowlings rather than allowing several air/pressure escape routes which you'll see with the inner panels not in place.I'm not sure if some of the panels blowing off were due to improper installation,broken tabs,etc.(though i can see why even if properly installed as it seems pretty weak)or due more so at speeds i wouldn't normally see(such as LSR)on usual highway jaunts.
Would like to hear from people who have had this happen and possible fixes,etc.(Josh,i know your's blew off while doing LSR but you're a top speed madman and i'm not likely to ever hit more than a true 160-170 mph on these SoCal freeways:laugh:).

Thanks guys,


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I've taken the '08 to the max several times with no issues. I've seen them tape the fairing seams for LSR trips
what is LSR? im dying to know

I google lsr and the onlything I see is lsr race speedway and they are dirt tracks ...tell me its not true ...are we racing busas on dirt tracks:laugh:


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Well I'm at 40K and missing a few fasteners and had it ............ somewhere yesterday :whistle:

I have not seen them come off but peeled back and damaged. Of course you always have the probability that someone didn't do a good install ....
Well I'm at 40K and missing a few fasteners and had it ............ somewhere yesterday :whistle:

I have not seen them come off but peeled back and damaged. Of course you always have the probability that someone didn't do a good install ....

That's probably a big share of those issues,not puting them back on correctly(and a few at uber high speeds during LSR events,which i'll never reach:laugh:).

Damned warm here today dad,hit 100 degrees and more of the same tomorrow.


ive had my fronts come undone from where it connects to the black piece under the front tire. But it was due to dealer breaking the stock ones and replacing the popups with a smaller set.
My whole right side blew off at 175. Pretty scary moment, and caused the bike to swerve and lean a bit.
I drag race my machine weekly, so the plastic is coming on and off all the time. After a while, the snaps don't snap the same way as they did when they are new. I would not recomend running without the inner pannels. That is what keeps the outer skins from blowing out.


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Yep, same thing with mine......never had an issue with bolt-on's and 204mph. Once I went Turbo and got 214+ is when it finally happened to me. One of the lower inner panels was cut for the Turbo and it didn't clip just right. Once the speeds got up and pressure increased it separated and became an air pocket. Once the bottom comes off it turns into a blow fish behind the rear wheel and just rips everything off.

Mine happened on my 215mph pass, everything felt fine and all of a sudden I felt something hit me in the leg. I started slowing down and looked down to see no blue fairings on either side (black part stayed intact). Luckily mine was a clean break and went away and out and didn't cause any handling or chassis upset issues at those speeds.

You got to make sure all clips are secured when running and now I put a piece of tape along all the seams just to have a little extra something. At least if it does come unclipped it's protected from the wind a little to keep the blow fish result from happening again... :laugh:
Thanks for the responses bros(i remember reading where yours blew off Josh and that it was at somewhere over 2000 mph).I'm probably ok out here on my highway bursts since i never get much of a chance to pin it for long because of traffic and already made a bracket to connect the two lower panels together(from tab to tab on each side down by the oil cooler,where the bottom inner panel would connect to each side)for a little added peace of mind.

Thanks again for your input guys.:thumbsup:

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