blueflame exhaust


anyone have any sounds of blueflame exhaust systems 4:2 on a big ore inline 4, with dual oval exhaust ports, with the removable baffolds? Or do you have any opinions/problems with it?
NOT A SINGLE CLUE THERE JOE. I've seen pictures of them, but that's about it.

Apparently, noone knows or they don't want to tell me. I guess I'm just going to have to get one and let you all know what it's like.
I guess my post worked.
Anyway, I have the Vance&Hines ovals on my bike and I love the sound. They are bolt-ons, the only thing is I made the pipes myself along with the mounting brackets using 2" stainless thick wall pipe. I wanted to have the highrise look but with two pipes. The pipes made it sound a lot better! I also wanted to retain the original rear foot pegs which I did.
It looks real clean and sleek from behind. Here are more pics.

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Sorry Joe but I know nothing about blueflame exhaust.
You did a good job Jimbo.
looks nice, my only problem with a high mount system now is that the undertail I have on, the high mount system would block the blinkers from the side. So I gave up on the high mount system...but I like your ingenuity!!!