Both are 06 models, the white on is LE the blue was blue/silver




and for you that wanted to see the white one with the black rims here ya go take more when its day light...

thanks for looking, and shout out to all that helped me get them going agian
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They really look great. I mean super nice!

With that said, as I was looking at them I couldn't help but think how they would look reversed! If you do switch the body panels, tank, etc., I would love to see pictures of them. Something tells me that the blue on the black frame would be pretty awesome and the white would be tremendous on the silver frame! Just a thought as I saw someone that put the white on a silver frame before and it was very sweet looking!


i am def a fan of the blue. and the silver wheels look much better on the blue bike.

the white is nice also... both lookn good.

as you can tell i am partial to the blue.
check my sig. i did the same thing put 06 le wheels on my bike. now go ride em.
yes they are both mine, origanally the blue one got stolen, so i went and bought the white one after a week the police found the blue one so i was blessed with 2.

actually the paints are mixed in a way, the white has blue pearl in it, and the blue has silver pearl in it, you cant really see that in the pics, but in the sun light they are crazy lookin...

thanks everyone for the good words, i appreciate it, its always good to hear the kind stuff, and positive feed back after 6 weeks of workin on them daily!

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