Blown Fuse? Winter Riding Gear.

How many watts does it take before I blow a fuse on my Hayabusa? Which fuse would that be?

Electric Gloves 20W
Electric Jacket 48W
Electric Chaps 33W

What is that... 101W...Sounds huge.  What is the limit before blowing fuses?  What is the practical limited before I use too much battery power and I can't start in the winter (I have no battery tender).

Or is the blown fuse on the fuse connected to the jacket?

Specific tech answer needed by those in the know!

You are asking two different questions................
the gear should be wired into it's own fuse
and it is PIE to figure what size you need
and it is easier to throw a volt meter on the battery and watch the voltage with everything ON (highbeam brakelight turnsigal etc)


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Just for comparison (and I don't know the numbers). I installed heated grips before our trip. I also have a volt meter installed just to keep track of the battery. I had my Gerbing's Jacket liner, Gloves, heated grips on, GPS, Autocom (for helmet speakers), and iPod. When I was sitting idle, the volts were down to 11.7. At riding speed (about 3.8k or so), the battery was charging (13.3).

As to your fuse, it's probably the one from the jacket to the battery. Just replace it. I would blow mine if I plugged in my jacket before I put the key in the bike. I got used to putting the key in and starting the bike before plugging in the Gerbings. I also carried several of the blue 15 amp fuses in case I blew one by accident.


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