Blood Bank Donation Ride

There were over 170 riders who met at the Merlo Coffee factory for coffee and breakfast then we had a Police escort for the 20 minute ride to the Blood Bank where we donated our blood very nice day with great weather as they say here in Queensland "Beautiful 1 day Perfect the next". Here is a link to the pics...I know the rules:laugh: I'm the one standing by the Blue Busa.....yes it is the fastest color.:rofl:

Queensland Bikers Unite For Blood Donation Cause - Pictures - Zimbio
Thats pretty awesome. I just joined a bike club this week. I wonder if we could plan something like this...
It's quite simple just contact your local Blood bank and they will be so keen to have you do it you can set a date then rally your troops. Our local organised extra staff supplied food and drink next year they are looking at making it a carnival type event with music and entertainment should be awe:thumbsup:some.

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