black smoke when reving


Well i have had my busa for awhile and i have noticed that lately its been blowing black smoke when i rev it up at operating temp and when its cold. It also has a lag when i pull of a line or gun it in first it will sputter then go. it has 18k on it and never had the valves adjusted? its been down twice in the last six months but after i fixed it the last time it wasn't smoking. Now it is any advice im about to pull it apart and do the valves just want to know if there could be other problems to check for... thanks and this is a great website


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Black smoke is too much fuel (too rich) is from oil...white is from coolant/water.
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Have the air/fuel ratio checked on a dyno.
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i have a power comander 3 and rs3 slip ons the tbs have never been synced as far as i know. So the chance that its the valves is Slim? ill look into it but i don't think im running to rich ill pull the plugs again... I bought the bike for 2k and so im not to worried about putting money into it but i hate the shops around here...

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chance of valve issue? about zero to nill.... Rich is right, you need the A/F checked..

in lieu of that, just unplug the power commander and see if that does not bring it around..


left to right 1234 looking at the handle bars... 134 look normal and fine the number 2 plug looks real rich. I have the pc set to stock on the bike right now i will just un plug it and see what i get. The tb adjustment is it the same as carb sync with the mercury sticks? is it the same tool? i havent looked it up in the book lol


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i have a power comander 3 and rs3 slip ons the tbs have never been synced as far as i know. So the chance that its the valves is Slim? ill look into it but i don't think im running to rich ill pull the plugs again... I bought the bike for 2k and so im not to worried about putting money into it but i hate the shops around here...
To me these bikes run rich anyway. My bone stock '06 always smelled of gas and I had complaints from Dennis and David when they followed me through Deals Gap a couple springs back. Dennis said I was about to fume him out. My '08 gets the same sooty exhaust tip as the '06, but doesn't smell quit as bad.

That said you might need to get the A/F checked.


no pc seems to not hesistate on take and blows less black smoke but im sure my a/f is off how do i fix that is it just the vacum gauge sticks for carb bikes? or is my only way on a dyno?


Unless you have a bad air pressure sensor or hose somewhere you need to get your bike mapped on a dyno.

You could focus your attention on #2. You might have a bad injector.


well i had the slip ons and pc on for a while and no smoke and it ran good. im thinking bad injector or tb snyc. the problem with the tb sync is my book shows there are nipples on the two inside ones but my bike don't have them. it only has one of each on the middle ones. can i just plug the vacuum lines and run them of the nipple they go to? if this doesn't make sense let me know its 112 degrees in my garage and i can't think straight lol
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