Billet Race Footpegs


Anyone have suggestions for race pegs without buying the entire rearset. Thanks in advance. Ha ha, I'm buying parts and I don't even have my Busa yet. I have Sato rearsets for my Gixxer 1K and MWF vario pegs for my Goldwing. Looking for a simple bolt on with better grip than the stock rubber pegs.
I don't see my post. To reiterate, I am looking for billet style race pegs without having to purchase a complete rear set. Anyone know of any brands?
Takes time for your post to show up as it's your first probably.. welcome to the forum.. ;)

i'm also looking for reliable footpegs that won't break when i stand on em.. something other than OEM that won't cost me as much as OEM DOES!
If you are going to be standing on the pegs, for God Sake don't buy that cheap Chinese junk off ebay. Give Tim (Pashnit) a shout and get quality pegs.
I have Sato rearsets on my Gixxer 1k and MWF Vario pegs on my Goldwing. Pashnit carries one from the UK, Oberon I believe, but I don't care for the style. Just wondering what everyone else is using.
I stay away from ebay on structural parts by habit. I have Sato rearsets for my Gixxer 1k and MWF Vario race pegs for my Goldwing (ha ha, I know). I saw that Pashnit has UK manufactured Oberon pegs which are bolt on but I'm not a fan of their grip surface. Anyone using anything else?
If you are going to be standing on the pegs, for God Sake don't buy that cheap Chinese junk off ebay. Give Tim (Pashnit) a shout and get quality pegs.

i would defo go with a quality built pegs because i'll be standing on them.. i've been on Pashnit before, but only 2 types available, and none of my taste..
The race pegs I were referring to are Oberon brand and they aren't from China.............. They are made in the UK :whistle: Me personally I would just suck it up and buy a complete new rear set. There is soo many nice brands that look great and way better than OEM . You may even be able to buy a used set off an org member or something like that if money is an issue
Vortex looks better for a big bike like the busa and inexpensive, too. I have Satos on my busa. Sato is ~ 5 oz lighter and nice looking but a little small looking on the busa. I have Vortex on my 14. they are just as good in quality and performance as Sato + i think you can convert to GP shift just by turning the knuckle on the shift shaft upside down. To do GP shift on Sato, you need to buy a new shift pedal for +$100.

Dremmel out the heal guard inserts on the Vortex and they would be just a couple ounces heavier than Sato. Cut the adjuster blocks down on the will come out the same weight as Sato, I bet.
I've been in the same boat, been looking for a good set of rider and passenger pegs. I haven't done my rearset yet, but powerdercoated the passenger mounting bracket over the winter and hated the way the stockers stand out. Bounced around alot, but settled on the Oberon Racing Footpegs. Price shipped was on par with those Pro-Tek Pro-Lites and surface texture seems pretty similar. Other than these I didn't find much in the past few weeks I've searched other than chEapBay junk that I wouldn't rely on.
can someone confirm gsxr pegs on 2008+ hayabusa.. will they fit with no modifications?? and off what gsxr model?