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been having a starting problem on my 08 busa a week after i bought the thing brand new. Kept charging the battery but found out the charging system wasn't working properly. Took it to my local dealer yesterday (luckily i made it there), sure enough when i got there it wouldn't start back up. Took the mechanic about 30 minutes to get it started. I hate having people work on my stuff, hopefully i get it back soon. Of course i'm working second shift for a few weeks and could be riding during the day


Hope you get your bike back and running properly soon hemi. I hate folk looking at my bike too, but needs must at times. I'm getting a new top fairing in a couple of weeks and I hope they put the bike back together properly. :laugh:


i definitely didn't want to take it in, but the charging system wasn't charging the battery and i was gonna get stranded on it before too long. Better to have it covered under warranty i guess. Just hope they don't have to pull the fairings, took mine off to change the oil and i could see them breakin somethin if they don't take them off the right way. After owning my 750 for a few years and now the busa, this is the first time i've ever had to take either to the shop. I won't even let them do my first maintenance, i could care less if they give me a bunch of crap that it will void my warranty if i don't let them do it. I'd rather do it myself and know it's done right

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I hope they do you a good job, so many stealerships don't..:banghead:
Yep..and unfortunately once they get your bike apart and back together, oftentimes you end up chasing other problems they created. Its usually one thing after another, and lots of stress, once a dealership gets a crack at a bike :banghead:


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And it probably won't rain until the day you pick it up. Good luck on the fix. :thumbsup:

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