Bikers helping Marines... bikers !!

That's really a good video, trying to explain and to train, rather than always be repressive, and show the biker as the mad guy (as so often in France...)

french article

We need to boycott Babel Fish.

I entered:
En 2008, les US Marines comptabilisaient plus de morts à moto sur les routes que sur leur « lieu de travail » !
and it translated that into:
In 2008, the US Navy entered more deaths with motor bike on the roads than on their “work placeâ€￾!
I mean wth!? ??? :rulez:
Being in the Navy I feel as though I am close to this one. I get E-mails once a week updating me with the numbers of Sailor deaths on a motorcycle and Marine deaths on a motorcycle....sobering stuff. I can't wtch the video at work so I will have to wait to see it.

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