Biker gone. Please Pray

Prayers for the wife and child. RIP to our fellow rider.

This is one of the reasons I stay away from bike nights.
Prayers sent.

I hate drunk drivers. If I could find the guy... I would be willing to see some bars.
so sad for the kid,hopefully the wife will pull through,Im not a Dr but im pretty sure you need your spleen???

you can be the best rider out there but there is no amount of skill that will save you from a drunk driver running into careful out there...everyone.

RIP for the fallen rider

sorry for your lose bro
My prayer:

Gracious Father in heaven, please be with this young lady who has just lost her husband and nearly lost her life in this horrible crash. Heal her body and lend her your strength to continue through the challenges ahead. Grant wisdom to her doctors in treating her wounds and compassion to her family and friends in helping her to deal with her grief. Lord, please be with their young child who must now face life without his earthly father. Help his mother to know when she will be able to fill that void in his life and grant her the wisdom to seek the right help when she can not fill it. Father, above all, grant that this young widow and orphan will learn the peace that comes from following you.
How horribly tragic. Traffic deaths related to alcohol needs to be made a death penalty offense. Until then we'll keep hearing stories like this.
*%&! drunk drivers!!! My prayers go up for the families involved :please:

Things like this remind me to constantly watch the vehicles around me.... you never know what condition the person in the next vehicle is in. (This goes for when I'm in a cage or on a bike)
Just very sad...reminds us to be very careful and also be extra cautious after dark, especially around 2am after bars close. Prayers sent.