Biker Build Off


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didn't ya see me? What? come on guys, I was the one next to the 250,000 other people on the biker build off last night, Discovery channel. That's right, the ugly one.....
The segment featuring Fayetteville, Ar. was on, build off between Cory Ness and Voodoo cycles. There was only about 3 minutes of the Bikes, Blues and BBQ festival, the other hour was them trying to get the "un-ridealbes" to Fayetteville. Give me a break...the voodoo unit had a range of 35 miles, had to fill it up 33 times...what the??? Oh, ya - it's "art" - my bad.....anyway, it's kind of neat to see your town on the Discovery Channel, the BB&BBQ is listed as the fastest growing biker gathering in the nation. If the pattern holds true next year, doubling in size, there could be half a million folks show up!!! Think I'll rent my house out.....
Can I have your autograph? Oh and it would be great if you could write it on one of your checks....

I haven't watched it yet, but I'll look for you!
Wearing a hat? What color hair? Shirt? Come on, details so I can say "hey, I virtually know that guy!"

When you find yourself on the edited for internet version, post it for us! After that I'll ask for your autograph!
That was you....will you autograpgh my bike please....pretty please
You all are just going to have to wait until the meet & greet for autographs. By then I hope to have the correct spelling of my name down......Arkansas, ya know....
Ness won. Pretty hard to compete with a guy whose Dad has an 85,000 sq ft warehouse full of bling-bling. Both bikes were totally goofy, imo.... but then again, to each his own. I've already been "spanked" this week by windmill (under turbo link)for being too narrow I'm trying to think outside the box!!!