Bike vacations


The Watcher
Any bike vacations planned.

I have one for bike week in June. (couple of hours for me)

White Mountains in VT. (just a couple of hours from me)

Maine ( 2 1/2 hours) to the performance shop, and fl. in the winter a couple of times.
Going to Sturgis (maybe) with my brother. He's got a new soft tail classic. Hope I get out of 3rd gear.
I go to the Octoberfest Bikeweek in Daytona every year. Also going to hit that twowheelonly resort place some time this summer and stay a couple days since we cant seem to get a meet together.
Any bike vacations planned.

I have one for bike week in June. (couple of hours for me)

White Mountains in VT. (just a couple of hours from me)

Maine ( 2 1/2 hours) to the performance shop,  and fl. in the winter a couple of times.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Ninja Eater......I live in Vermont and ride the White Mountains all the time (they're actually in New Hampshire, but not far from me). If you're going to the White Mountains in June, you won't be far from Laconia, New Hampshire which is where bike week takes place (I believe it's June 8 to June 15). If you're around, you GOTTA check it out. Usually draws like 100,000 bikers of all kinds and is a great time. The hang out is on Weirs Beach in Laconia, but they also have the motorcycle races at NHIS in Loudon just up the road.

As far as the White Mountains go, you should hit the Kancamagus Highway, which is a killer mountain pass (like 35 miles) that leads from North Conway to Lincoln, New Hampshire. A two laner highway with plenty of high speed sweepers, some tight corners and lots of elevation gain. It also has plenty of scenic lookouts that'll blow your mind. The only problem is you're gonna be there during tourist season so expect slower speeds and lots of Winnebego's and blue hairs! :whip: If you ever get the chance to do the Kanc in April or early May on a weekday, it is truly unbelieveable!
01' Black Busa,

Yes I ahve riden the Kancamagus Highway, it is great. I meant the Green Mountains in VT. around Manchester depot. You will havce to give a howler, I am going to Lanconia in June. It is only about 1 1/2 hours maybe 2 away from me.
Hey NinjaEater and 01 blackbusa I plan to be in NH for bike week I've ridden both places your talking the Kangamangas is a favorite I use to live in NH For the last 20 years maybe more I've been in NH for bike week my freind lives down the road from the track. On Fri 6/14 we do a traditional run at the weirs we get there at midnight. As for BUSA's we are planning a meet at the track sat at noon 6/15/02.
Hank i've always wanted to ride deals gap and I have my buddies pumped up for it too send me some details

I will see if I can hook up with you guys. I am not sure of my iteniary yet once i am there, staying at a friends house, We are suppose to be at the track though.

We can exchange cell phone No.'s as we get closer
WEll I was in Daytona for a week in march... Headed to Bike week in Myrtle Beach this wednesday (150,000 + bikers and fans and it on the beach
), And will be at deals gap in July for a couple of weekends... Octoberfest is pending---getting married in August-sooooo trying to getting the bike chromed and new pipes and all the other major bike stuff done--- that way i don't have to explain why i'm spending $1000 for bike stuff and then wanna take a week to head to the beach lolol
Going to Brainerd (northern MN) for the AMA bike race in June. They have a mini bike week.....lotsa fun!!

Hey guys if you havent already check out my laconia bike week post we are alltrying to get together somewhere when we are down there Hey Ninja I am from Maine where do you get your bike work done up here and anyone that wants to have some fellow Busa riders along I would love to invite myself we ride around here all the time we have gone to Quebec Canada and through Corbins Gore and the Forks a bunch of times nice roads almost hit a mouse coming back from Canada that would have sucked at 120 MPH
OK I am a dork I meant to say moose not mouse who the hell cant make it over a mouse and yah Jet I think we are all set I am going to post the noon meet and some directions to the tent you where talking about for sat can you email me some directions and I am pretty sure I know where that liquor store is was there a road kill cafe right there somewhere