Bike Stolen in Tulsa

Well, worst fear has come true. While staying at a hotel in Tulsa this weekend (Biker Boyz 2009) my '07 was stolen out of the parking lot.

I'm still sitting at the hotel waiting for my ride to come get me. Big fat sigh....

My friend had his Yamaha R1 sitting next to mine...with the key STILL in the trunk department (he forgot to take it out last night). His bike is still there!!

I'm sure its in a 1000 pieces by now. Guess I'll post again when I get a new bike. CRIME SUCKS.:banghead:


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Post up some pics bro, very very sorry. Where were you staying, when was it taken? What color? Post up on TSR also, those guys may know something too.
I'm on the hotel computer so I can't post any pictures of it, but it is a standard black 2007...fully stock bike (just bought it Feb. 09) and hadn't had a chance to do anything to it yet. I'm at the Marriot Courtyard on Memorial and 31st.

What is the TSR?

On a lighter note...recommendations for a replacement? White '09 perhaps? Maybe I should just get a bicycle!!:laugh:

On a lighter lighter note...on my way up here from Ponca I was riding down the turnpike at around 80 mph with my visor up and a bug nailed me in the face and left a bruise! Heck, I was just trying to get some air (hot and humid!!!)....OUCH!!~ Guess I don't have to worry about that for a little while.
Im really sorry to hear that! I have no tolerance for thieves. They are sub human to me!! If you want something go out and work for it like everyone else instead of being a cancer to society. This really hacks me off!


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Very sorry to hear, i hate a thief, will keep my eyes out around here.
my 07 was taken a month ago. state farm gave me $10k
gave me 4 for the bike and a tsukigo/bazzaz
found a 07 zx10 for $6200 + fees
now i got a nice bike and $ for guns:laugh:

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