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Recently bought a 2000 Busa, and I want to remove the wheels, adjust the chain, and all that good stuff.

This is the first bike I've owned that does not have a center stand. Can someone recommend a stand. I need to lift the front and rear (not necessarily at the same time). Also, I don't have my own garage, so I need to be able to keep it in my apartment.

Ummm ... anticipating photos question. I can't afford a camera. Just bought a Hayabusa
You could get a cheap set on Ebay for $150 front and rear. I have a set of Pitbull and highly recomend them but they are pricy $300 for the set. I feel it's money well worth it cause they are the best. Don't buy the Suzuki stands, they suck and are almost the same price as the pitbulls. I think a good option would be to buy a Pitbull rearstand and borrow some car jackstands to support the front. Having a rear stand is more usefull than the front, and when you get more $ you can pop for the front Pitbull.


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I recently bought a rear pitbull.  I had a flat and needed to remove wheel.  I went with the front arm spooled stand.

You will be completely satisfied. I made the mistake of buying a suzuki rear stand and that is when I dropped my bike. The right arm collapsed. Sigh...I love my pittbulls!!


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No, no, no, no, no. The Cycle Cat rear stand is the very best out there. A little pricey is all. But WELL worth the money. NO risk that the bike will fall over. Unless you're COMPLETELY inattentive!




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I've got a set of these and love 'em!  Good quality, sturdy.  No problems at all!

<a href="

mZ150028825130QQtcZphoto" target="_blank">Thruster Stands</a>

Price is right, too!

$130 for the set (front fork, head lift & rear) and $35 shipping.


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(tpbio @ Oct. 06 2006,07:31) Motorcycle jack

Anyone know if this will work on the BUSA
not really...

first, there isn't enough clearance to get it under the bike...

and second (and more important), those jacks are made to work on bikes by lifting them by their frames...tne fairings and exhaust extend below the frame on the 'Busa...if you try to use one , it will end up cracking the fairings and possibly bending your exhaust


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(77moparperformance @ Oct. 06 2006,13:27) Suzuki makes a center stand for them too  
you are correct but it won't work with HMF dual high mounts which is where i'm eventually headed

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