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Bike : 05 busa 7500 miles

While riding, when I slow down my bike, as soon as I apply clutch to change gear, engine dies, and have to start again. I think i am noticing it more whle running with half tank gas or less. Idle set to around 900 rpm, does anyone else have the same issue?


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(PDBusa @ Sep. 23 2006,10:34) Set idle at 1150. Problem solved.
+1 I let my idle get down to about 800 and it was doing the same thing. Bumped idle to 1100 and hasn't died since.


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The idle screw is known for backing out over time. Set your idle where the guys said, then put a small dab of silicone gasket sealer or locktight on the threads and you are good to go.

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Mine did the same thing.  Idling at 800.  Went to the org and found the answer on increasing the idle and checked my service manual noting the recommended settings 1100-1200 for E-18 and 1050-1250 for all other models.  Don't know what the E-18 model is so I figured the the 1100-1200 was in the range anyway.  Fixed my stall problem.  Suzuki should really point out this idle issue to all new owners.  Stalls are deadly in a slow corner, clutch in, and sand.  OUCH.  Dropping the clutch with a dead Busa is like slamming on the rear brake.  I should know.  Saved the bike since it was barely moving, but man did I take a beating doing it.  Dislocated my color bone and cracked a couple ribs.  Couple of scratches on the bike.  Picked it up and rode home.  Then called the ambulance to go the hospital.  Lesson learned.  I told Suzuki in their questionaire that they sent out about my new Suzuki in the comments.  Been riding a long time and never expected the stall and the sand combination.  Watch the idle - I do.


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When I first got my bike it was fine then started stalling sometimes under 1k. When I set my idle a tad over 1k it has been running perfect and hasn't stalled since.

Just lift the tank and you'll see the little knob on the right side... can turn it with your fingers and you're all groovy from there.


i had a really scary experience, riding at about 70mph had to slow down, down shifted engine died while doing that. i thought i was gonna end up next to the speed limit sign post..


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Mine only stalled when the engine was cold. But the guys are right ! idle her back up.. Mine was backed off when she was stalling.......I've have added the PCIII since then and Ive noticed now that my bike doesn't stall even when the idle back off to where it was...

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