Bike shutoff (cont.)... Regulator Rectifier Recall Replacement


I called my local Suzuki dealer, and they received the part for my bike. I asked them when could they put it on. They said that they were backed up at least 3 weeks, but the part would only take about 30 min. to install. I asked them if they could give it to me, & I install it. The service guy said no problem. I had to give them my bikes mileage & VIN#, when I got to the shop. The guy entered the info into the system, stating that the recall was done on my bike. I asked him about, getting the VIN tag marked, indicating that the recall was done, he said that they could do that too.

I took the part home. The install was super easy. Took me about 20 minutes to do, and that was it.

I also took my battery to the dealer to have it load tested. I still have the original battery from 2009. He tested it, & said it was fine. I was prepared to buy a new one, if that one wasn't up to par. So all in all, free part (recall item), & battery still good. I'm smiling now. Took the bike out today, and rode about 60 miles. Had my son on stand-by just in case, the bike had issues. No issues. She never skipped a beat, & it was about 90 deg. outside today. Beautiful!

Thanks for all the feedback on this problem. :)





I had this issue about 3 weeks ago.......left me on the side of the road pissed off cause I didn't have my cell phone on me.
I know the feeing. :laugh: (I guess I can laugh, because its already happened to me). Glad we figured out the problem, & got it resolved. We continue to ride another day. :)

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