Bike Night @ I-57 Dragstrip *PICS*

Mr Brown

Last night was our local dragstrip's (I-57 dragstrip, Benton, IL) inaugural bike nite. Probably 300 bikes there, mostly Harley's cuz it's sponsored by our local H/D dealer, but there were qyite a few other bikes there also. I made 25 passes, best being a 6.18. Hoot (Screen name Dogman)ran a 5.98 on my bike, I was happy to see what it's capable of, now I just gotta do it myself......
The next bike night on the schedule is July 10th, I highly recommend anybody that can get to it to show up. If you're interested PM me and I will give you the details. I had a great time, and I'm sure everybody else did too.
Pics for your enjoyment......





Great Pics, Hey, Did the Black bike beat the Green one?? My :laugh: ,friend in here,I wont mention names, thinks black bikes are faster:laugh:then green bikes??:laugh::laugh:.. ( Just rubbing it in ) :laugh: Really good pics..
:laugh::laugh: And PINK kicks @ss:laugh::laugh: Wat if, :laugh: the bike is pink and black? the two :laugh: fassis colors for a busa?? Chit,the green busa might catch up , but only to get beat by the Orange Busa.:laugh::laugh:
Thanks Curt. It was a 1.5x 60' so there's still some room for improvement. I want in the 6.0x's before I start spraying it.....

Good time for sure, congrads. What was the size differance in you and the guy that broke 5.9s' on your bike?
Looks like a blast, again, great job!!
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No payout, 5 bucks to test n tune, grudge race, whatever.
Bracket racing is on saturdays.
Any friday you want to come on down we can race for a little change if u like.......:poke:

I think that would be up 4 me north is up.
You look little bit lighter than me ok if my buddy rides mine hes closer your weight? Kind lights you getting you know that facters in?
My bike average .030 or better every pass.Why you dont go bracket races??
I like races that pay.They do allow delay box in bike dont they.
My wires are soderd cant unhook.:laugh: Week before last had two .015+.012
so .042 total for 3 runs.