Bike Lock


Not to mention from my experience they don't care about the condition of the body. They pick your bike up and throw it in the bed of a truck. All they care about is your motor so a lock on the wheel is just for looks.


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every theft measure help but I wudnt rely on it. cut right thru the chian with small bolt cutters

I noticed in the video that the person was unable to cut the chain links with bolt cutters...


he was shaking the bolt cutters, does he know that they work by squeezing the handles together? Can use the ground on 1 handle and put your body into the other handle for tougher things to cut ???


Its a cool little gimmicky device that's looks probably outperform its function.....:whistle: I'd take a disc lock over that any day of the week, its smaller with less moving parts and your unable to sink a bolt cutter on it or any other kind of tool fast and in a hurry. If that doesn't put your mind at ease run a kryptonite chain through the rim/swingarm. Either way its only gonna be a theft deterrent not theft prevention, still would only take a couple guys to pick it up and toss it in the back of a truck or van and peel off